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reading comprehension

Identifying Best Practices to teach Reading Comprehension

To all:

I wanted to try to identify the best practices on teaching reading comprehension.  How are you teaching reading comprehension? What curricula are you using?  

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.


Dr. Perry

Does teaching history and science improve reading comprehension?

I invite you to review the article from the Atlantic: Why American Students Haven't Gotten Better At Reading In 20 Years. From the article,

Digital or paper? Is one better than the other for comprehending text?

Hello colleagues, For the kind of close reading we want students to engage in to achieve the standards, is reading digitally or reading paper the same or different? Is one type of text better than the other when reading comprehension is the goal? Check out some ideas about these questions from experts in Larry Ferlazzo's Education Week Teacher blog, Reading Digitally vs. Reading Paper.

5 Steps in Radio Reading

Hello Colleagues, I was not familiar with the reading comprehension strategy "radio reading."  How about you? This easy to implement technique, which requires little or no planning, seems to me to have a lot of promise. You can learn the five steps in "radio reading" at the Reading Educator blog. What benefits might come from students participating in this interactive reading activity? What ELA standards could be addressed through engaging students in "radio reading"?

Cheers, Susan Finn Miller

Strategies for Reading Comprehension for Students with LD

Hi group user,

Do you have students with LD in your adult education class?  Of course, I would be very surprised to find any adult basic education or GED teacher that would answer that question with a simple NO.  

I am including information from Robert Head and Raymond Leblanc on reading comprehension that might give you some additional techniques to try.  For more ideas, go to >

Deepening text understanding


Reading comprehension improves the more that readers work with the text. For example, we often ask readers to develop summary statements of paragraphs or topics that they've read. That "summarizing" activity is an example of working with text in a manner that's different from just "reading."

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