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TABE 11 12

Over 2,000 Practice Sets from Khan Academy—Aligned to the CCRS and TABE 11/12

I threatened to do this a long time ago, Once I had the things (and Excel knowledge) in place that were needed, it took me maybe 5 hours to get it done?

CrowdED Learning has created downloadable/copyable spreadsheets containing all of the practice sets from Khan Academy, aligned to the College & Career Readiness Standards for Adult Education and TABE 11+12 (including indication of emphasis). I'm interested in seeing if folks want to take a look and perhaps have a follow up discussion on what best practices could be shared out to the field on how to use these. 

TABE 11-12, Have you started? Impressions and Suggestion?

SC has delayed starting TABE 11-12 until January 2019.


Has your program started?

Paper-Based or Computer-Based?





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TABE 11 12 Panic! ??

We are used to giving TABE to all levels (E, M, D, and A) in the same room, at the same time as the directions and timing were idenical for all levels, and for TABE Online there was no script so all students could be testing, same room, same time on different levels.

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