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Designers for Learning - Education Impact Day recordings

You may have seen the announcement last week for the Designers for Learning Education Impact Day on Nov. 12.  In case you missed the sessions, they have been archived for viewing.  The 12 featured speaker have been uploaded and linked from:

Of interest for Adult Educators: 

Technology & Workforce Re-entry: Online Learning as an Alternative webinar

Hosted by Digital Promise

Wednesday, June 29, 2016 
12:00-1:00PM (EST)
9:00 AM to 10:00 AM (PDT)

Designing a Better Future for Adult Learners

Sharing information from Digital Promise

Save the Date!

Designing a Better Future for Adult Learners: A Cross-Country Collaboration
November 18, 2015
9am - 3pm PST / 12 - 6pm EST

Improving Ed-Tech Purchasing

Digital Promise has put out a report on improving Ed Tech purchasing.  I've included part of the article below, to see the whole article go to this link  How do you manage ed tech purchasing?  Who decides what equipment to buy?  Who sets it up?  Who trains teachers to use it? How do students access it?



Closing the Digital Learning Gap

Hi all,

Below please see a blog post by Karen Cator on Closing the Digital Learning Gap on the Digital Promise website.  Karen makes the argument that there are many gaps in education equity and that technology could help to close that gap.  What do you think?

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