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Tech Tips for Teachers Blog - New Posts

If you haven't visited Tech Tips for Teachers for a while, take a moment to read all the new posts! The blog aims to provide ideas for practical ways to integrate technology into instruction. Recent posts include:

Adult literacy, basic skills and ESOL/ESL Blogs

PD Colleagues,

I have added a new page, on adult literacy, basic education and ESOL/ESOL blogs, to the Adult Literacy Education (ALE) Wiki Professional Development area. You will find it at

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Where are the Adult Education Blogs?


In 2009, I wrote a short blog article about adult literacy blogs. I have just updated the article and added links to a couple more blogs, making the total ten. I will consider adding others if their blog focus is adult basic, adult secondary, transition to higher ed, or adult ESOL/ESL/ELL learning. You'll find the article at

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Social Media Tips for Educators: Developing Innovative Engagement in Your Community

From Home Room, the official blog of the US Department of Education, comes a post on social media tips for educators.  Dorothy Amatucci, a digital engagement strategist at the U.S. Department of Education, writes that Home Room is developing four tip sheets on topics that include comprehensive information on digital engagement tools and practices that are useful for education.

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