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5 General Principles for Teaching Low Literacy Learners

Hello colleagues, Teaching adult learners who do not have a solid literacy foundation in their primary language is a unique challenge. Fortunately, there are resources to help teachers to provide the kind of instruction these learners need. Our wonderful colleague, Patsy (Vinogradov) Egan has written a useful article, "Maestra, the letters speak!"  that addresses the instructional needs of this group of learners. 

Teaching Phonics to Adult English Learners

Hello colleagues, The issue of teaching phonics to adult English learners was recently mentioned in a thread in the Disabilities and Equitable Outcomes Community.  Glenda Rose issued a relevant word of caution regarding making assumptions about teaching adult language learners based on research with native-speaking children. Thanks for your post, Glenda!

Since this is an important topic for those of us who teach adult English learners, I said I would start a discussion here in the ELA Community.

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