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exit tickets

Exit tickets?

Hello colleagues, I have used exit tickets in the past and found them useful to support student reflection and to inform me of questions that remain or were raised for the learners.  I'm interested in finding an exit ticket to use with my current class of ABE students. The students in my current class are at a higher level than in my previous class.  Do you have a favorite exit ticket you use? What have you found especially valuable about using exit tickets?

You are invited to share anecdotes from your experience with using exit tickets as well as links to favorite tools.

Ticket out the Door

Hello Colleagues, I'm wondering how many of us use "Tickets out the Door" to formatively assess students' learning at the end of class. Leslie Grahn discusses how these tickets can serve as important data to guide our instruction in the next class We can sort the exit tickets to determine which students met the objectives and which ones need more support. During the next class, we can structure small group activities to ensure all students achieve the lesson objectives.

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