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School Climate and Social Emotional Intelligence


I invite you to read the brief on School Climate and SEL  from Pennsylvania State University. The overlap in each of these elements inlcude: 

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Workforce GPS: Impact of Achievement Interventions & Retention in Post-Secondary Occupational Programs

RELATIVE IMPACT OF INTERVENTIONS TO IMPROVE ACHIEVEMENT & RETENTION IN POST-SECONDARY OCCUPATIONAL PROGRAMS describes a quasi-experimental, longitudinal study of four U.S public two-year colleges to determine which programs and services are most strongly associated with retaining postsecondary students, finding potentially positive effects correlated with financial aid, tutoring, course load, and other demographic character

Is bullying a problem in the adult education classroom? Or, are students lacking resilience?

We know retention in the adult education classroom is tied to many variables -and one variable is the social / emotional comfort of a student in the classsroom. The Winter edition of American Educator includes an article about Understanding Bullying Behavior. Elizabeth Kandel Englander discusses the problems with the overuse of the term bullying and how that impedes any prevention effort.

Chronic Absenteeism in Adult Education

Chronic absenteeism is gaining national attention as we look at this impact on school success for students. Absenteeism is gaining attention of the U.S. Secretary of Education, John B. Kinng, Jr. He states,"Missing school leads to low academic achievement and triggers drop outs. Millions of young people are missing opportunities in postsecondary education, good careers and a chance to experience the American dream." If students struggle with participation in traditional public school, how can we expect these patterns to change in adult education? 

Student Retention and Success

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