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Taking health apps beyond the well-heeled

Dear Colleagues:

Yesterday, NPR broadcasted a piece by Barbara Feder Ostrov, The Challenge of Taking Health Apps Beyond the Well-Heeled.  She describes the disconnect between the people who need the most help and the technology apps designed to help them.  What do you think?  How do your students access health information?

Also mentioned:

Lack of Access to and use of Technology in Rural Areas.


A wide-ranging discussion is taking place now in the English Language CoP on professional interests or needs that current LINCS groups may not address. I encourage you to take a look and join in.  (5461 views and 38 comments to date!)


decreasing the digital divide - NYC to provide free Broadband Wifi access

As I present to adult educators in the field, I am still surprised at how many AE teacher haven't yet heard about EveryoneOn and the ability to find lower priced (or free) internet access, cell phones, and computers for our adult education folks (teachers AND learners!). Everyone, everyone needs to help spread the word!

If you know of a great 'EveryoneOn' access story please reply and share - word of mouth is one of the MOST powerful marketing tools!

Tech Camp a Big Success, CEEAS Rolling Out a Nationwide Coding Initiative

Hello All,

 The Center for Educational Excellence in Secure Settings' Tech Camp Brings Teachers, Principals, Administrators Together—There are Big Changes Underway in a Number of Juvenile Justice Agencies. Check out the full story here:


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