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contextual instruction

Earth Day Instructional Resources

Hello colleagues, Earth Day is April 22nd. Accordingly, you may be interested in checking out this LINCS Resource, One Ocean. This wonderfully rich resource "is filled with charts, tables, diagrams, maps, and other resources with which to integrate mathematics, geography, history, and environmental topics within the study of the ocean. There is a standards table to link the content and the activities to learning standards by grade level (this translates easily to adult education).

Integrating/Contextualizing Academic Skills

Hi, Community! Welcome back from COABE, those of you who attended or followed sessions from afar!

One of the six topics listed for us to address in our R&W community is "Learning in context." That topic matches WIOA's IET definitions perfectly in many respects. What do you think? (IET=Integrated Education and Training)

Reminder: TAR Online Practioner Study Circle: Registration closes 9/29

LINCS RPDC 4 announces the 2014-2015 start of the research-based, facilitated online Study Circle Series for Teaching Adults to Read!

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