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science instruction

Teaching Science When We Are Not Science Experts

Is Science Instruction "a Mile Wide and an Inch Deep"?


Nearly 10 years ago, the phrase "a mile wide and an inch deep" relating to curriculum entered our lexicon. Since then, new standards have been introduced .Best practice to broaden our student's experience with, and understanding of, science has been discsussed. 

I'dl like to ask your input - how do you accomplish the following in multi-level classes? and what barriers do you have to implementing 'deep' science instruction?     

YouTube and Science Instruction? Absolutely


Several months ago, I organized a list of science based podcasts that would help students build background knowledge in a variety of science topics on the go. Recently, I came across a listing of Youtube Channels that are great for science instruction so I thought I would highlight a couple more resources that can help students build science skills in a non-threatening way. 

Is their really an Anti- Science sentiment in the U.S. and if so, what can we do about it?


Recently, I've posed questions about what happens when a student enters the adult education with incorrect background knowledge about a specific subject area. We've also spent a great deal of time discussing false news. So, what is the impact as it relates to our understanding and belief in Science.  

What would your students say about science?

Dear Colleagues:

Major Test Changes for All Three HSE Exams

Dear Teachers of Science!

I bring news from Meg Farrell on major test changes for all three high school equivalency exams: the TASC, HiSET, and GED. For a 5-minute run down, see:

What do science students wonder about?

Greetings!  This question was posed by David Rosen in his discussion with Brooke Istas on a different thread:

"What do your science students wonder about; what questions or concerns do they have about science?"

For the background on that question, please read this comment, "Science Blended Learning", in which Brooke uses student questions to form teaching and learning activities involving online investigations outside of class time.

Science Teaching Sampler Webinar and Resources

In case you missed it (October 22, 2014), the webinar “College and Career Ready Science Teaching Sampler” can be found in its archived home at  

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