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employability skills framework

Employability Skills – How Can All Educators Integrate Them?

Sharing from College & Career Readiness & Success Center:

In today’s highly competitive and increasingly global economy, students need more than just academic skills and knowledge. They also need employability skills in order to successfully cultivate a career.

LINCS CCRS Event Starts Today!

Today, we begin a deep dive into the Employability Skills Framework!

At 12:00 p.m. ET, meet us in the LINCS College and Career Readiness Standards group for your chance to ask questions, share success stories, and interact with other CCRS, assessment, and career pathways professionals. Featured presenters, Dr. Kaye Forgione, Meredith Liben, and Frank Scuiletti will discuss why employability skills matter, and answer your questions on how to apply them in the adult basic education (ABE) classroom.

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