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Strategies for Building Unity in Diversity


At a time when some politicians are exploiting diversity to exacerbate fears about people who differ in color, first language, or ethnic origin, it is refreshing to remember -- and discuss -- ways to build unity in our programs and communities, strategies for bringing together community newcomers and long-time community members to strengthen the community.

Any Gamers Out There?

I know most of us are so busy that the idea of playing games is right up there with soaking up sun in the Bahamas happens to other people and I will never have time for it. For a few of us, we do find/make time for gaming and may have some great experiences we can pool together to create incredible learning opportunities for our adult learners. 

Job Scout

JobScout, an online platform designed to get people back to work, teaches necessary Internet skills and job-hunting techniques. JobScout uses social game design to engage users in self-paced, online activities that focus on Internet skills applied in a real life context. Users master these skills to apply online for jobs and use JobScout’s social network to collaborate with each other on and offline. 

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