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academic vocabulary

How important is teaching vocabulary?

Hello colleagues, I have believed for a long time that we need to spend time teaching academic vocabulary explicitly; however, devoting time to vocabulary instruction takes a lot of time. I'm wondering how teachers are approaching vocabulary instruction. How do you select the vocabulary you teach? Are you familiar with a Knowledge Rating Scale? If so have you used this kind of tool in your classroom? Do learners keep vocabulary logs?

Building Science Vocabulary to Build Academic Success

Vocabulary Workouts for AWL

Hello friends, I have developed what I call "Vocabulary Workouts" for the first 60 words on the Academic Word List, and I would be pleased to share these with you. There is also a brief teacher's guide suggesting ways to use the workouts. I have been teaching one word per class, drawn from the materials we are reading, with students this fall and have found the workouts to be quite useful.

Technology Tools for Teaching Vocabulary

Hi everyone, Here is a link to an article that highlights some interesting technology tools for teaching and assessing vocabulary. I have used Word Sift and Wordle for creating word clouds, which can be fun and useful. Have you used word clouds in your teaching? If so, in what ways?

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