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growth mindset

Is Building a Growth Mindset Similar to Teaching Penguins To Fly?

Are you familiar with a growth mindset? What does that mean to you? Think about penguins. Can we teach them to fly? I know the scenario appears ridiculous, but let’s use this framework for a minute. It’s not a lack of a positive attitude, or even effort and training, that prevents penguins from flying. They can’t fly because they are not built for flying. Now, let’s think about our students. Are they in an education system that values only academic rigor and achievement?

Are Learning Styles Real Or Are They Myths?

Applying Dweck's "growth mindset" in the classroom

Hello colleagues, We have discussed Carol Dweck's growth mindset here on LINCS in the past. A new edition of Dweck's book, Mindset: The New Psychology of Success, will come out soon. You can find an interesting interview of Dweck in a recent issue of The Atlantic, "How Praise Became a Consolation Prize" by Christine Gross-Loh.

A Growth Mindset in Adult Basic Skills Education

Professional Development Colleagues,

Carol Dweck's recent blog on a "false growth mindset"

Hello colleagues, There was a lively discussion on LINCS last October focused on Self-Determination, Grit and Resilience. You can read a summary, which also includes links to some useful resources, here. The work of Carol Dweck, who is well known for her writing about a "growth mindset," was referred to during the LINCS discussion.

Is 100% overrated?

Hello colleagues, Jo Boaler, Stanford University math education professor, says that 100% is definitely overrated. As reported by James Hamblin in the most recent The Atlantic, "Boaler said 100 percent is not an ideal score. When kids come home from school and announce that they got everything right on their school work, [researcher Carol] Dweck advises parents to offer some sympathy: Oh, I’m sorry you didn't get the chance to learn."

Teachers' Beliefs and Students' Success

Hello friends, Recently, there has been a fascinating debate about differentiating instruction on the Education Week website. Carol Ann Tomlinson recently wrote a poignant response to an article entitled "Differentiation Doesn't Work" by James R. Delisle. Some members may want to check out Tomlinson's inspiring article "Differentiation Does, In Fact, Work."

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