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formative assessment in math

How Do You Use Formative Assessment?

Formative Assessment is an on-going process of evaluating students' understanding and adjusting instruction accordingly. Do you have questions about formative assessment? What have you tried that worked well?

The UPS Strategy for Math: Understand, Plan, Solve

Hello Colleagues, Take a look at this quick video of teacher TeRaze Mickle implementing the UPS (Understand, Plan, Solve) formative assessment strategy for teaching math. I like the questions posed about this strategy:

Bicycling Equations & Formative Assessment

Hello teachers, The resources at the Mathematics Formative Assessment System are amazing! The site offers a ton of math lesson ideas and formative assessment tasks with step-by-step suggestions for how to provide effective feedback based on students' misconceptions. There are numerous examples of actual student work that reflect misconceptions. Based on the specific kind of error the student makes, the site offers question prompts teachers can use to elicit student thinking toward the correct conceptual understanding.

Formative Assessment in Math

Hello colleagues, Here is a little exercise to get us thinking about the value of formative assessment in math instruction.

Here is the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics’ response to the question "What is the role of formative assessments in mathematics education?". You are invited to guess words that would make sense in the blanks below.


“Through formative assessment, students develop a clear understanding of learning 1) ________ and receive feedback that helps them to

Teaching and Assessing Congruence

Hello Colleagues, In this Teaching Channel video we can view how high school math teacher April Pforts builds in formative assessment and group work throughout a standards-based geometry lesson on congruence. April says, "I know formative assessment works because students get excited about the math. And they're allowed to wonder. It helps me to know where they're at, and it helps them to know where they're at. And so, they get excited. They feel successful about it.

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