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Skilled up and want to work, or, Which way to the career pathway?

I have what may be an unusual inquiry, a sort of a lament and a cry for help from the trenches of adults who want to work.

Celebrate #MathematicsAwarenessMonth - April 2015

Hello my fellow math enthusiasts,

I just learned today that April is not only #FinancialLiteracyMonth, it is #MathematicsAwarenessMonth!!  This year's theme is Math Drives Careers:

Math Drives Career graphic

Happy Financial Literacy Month!!!

#FinancialLiteracy Month starts today!  ProLiteracy has posted a wonderful calendar listed with activities to do each day during this month - and I will be posting fun activities, insights, articles, and etc. each day to help celebrate! 

Adult Numeracy Network (ANN)

Welcome to the Adult Numeracy Network!

This is an area for both non-members and members of ANN to get acquainted and to stay connected to each other.  What is the Adult Numeracy Network (ANN)?  We are a community dedicated to quality mathematics instruction at the adult level.  We support each other, we encourage collaboration and leadership, and we influence policy and practice in adult math instruction.

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