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soft skills

What about those soft skills?


Tags: soft skills, STEM

What skills are needed for STEM development? Add your tips and ideas.


I was reviewing resources and lessons for STEM instruction and I came across 7 Most Important STEM Skills We Should Be Teaching Our Kids. Their list included the following: 

Tags: STEM, soft skills

The Chronicle of Higher Education: To Solve the Skills Gap in Hiring, Create Expectations in the Classroom

The Chronicle of Higher Education's To Solve the Skills Gap in Hiring, Create Expectations in the Classroom, highlights The Business Roundtable's 2009 survey of employers, who identified concerns about ‘soft skills’ gaps, such as work ethic, accountability and self-motivation.  

Preparing Workers for the 21st Century

Good day or evening, all!

A colleague shared a curriculum with me that I’m now using to teach adults basic skills in the context of work - others may find it useful as well. Please see:

Preparing Workers for 21st Century Employment: Making the Most of a Job, Making Sense of Math at Work, and Written Communication in the Workplace (a project of the Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Growth Office of Adult Education)

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