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Making Math Meaningful

Good morning, all!

I am giving a presentation on Making Math Meaningful at the upcoming Mountain Plains Adult Education Association Conference in Vegas and I could use a little feedback so that my presentation includes others' opinions and ideas.  I'll give you credit for your thoughts if I use them during my presentation.   

Planning for the Super Bowl - Fun Math Ideas for Lessons

My learners love sports - so I have been on the hunt for some great ideas for incorporating math into my classes.  Here are a few:

Resources that offer instruction

Good day all, I was cleaning my digital library of links and trying to remind myself why I had some of the very interesting items from the Internet. In my cleaning, I came upon this resource (link will be below) I wanted to share to get feedback from others.

Happy Financial Literacy Month!!!

#FinancialLiteracy Month starts today!  ProLiteracy has posted a wonderful calendar listed with activities to do each day during this month - and I will be posting fun activities, insights, articles, and etc. each day to help celebrate! 

Constuction Math Toolbox

Hello Everyone,

LINCS Resource Collection has added a new resource to the Math and Numeracy Collection.  The Construction Math Toolbox combines fun, industry-required math lessons with supplemental academic and career guidance information.  Here is a link to this resource:

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