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An app that integrates American culture and customs with English language practice?

ESL/ESOL colleagues,

Yesterday, in a COABE-sponsored webinar that I did about "App to Speed" learning circles, I was asked a question that I need some help in answering: "Has anyone come across an app that integrates American culture and customs with English language practice?"

If you have suggestions or recommendations, please let me know!

David J. Rosen


XPRIZE Adult Literacy App Discussion April 16 - 20, 2018


Please join us in the LINCS Integrating Technology or Program Management group for a week-long asynchronous discussion, beginning Monday, April 16,  on the XPRIZE Grand Challenge Competition for beginning level adult literacy and ESL/ESOL apps. Panelists include the Senior Director of the Adult Literacy XPRIZE, Dr. Shlomy Kattan, and representatives of five of the eight Adult Literacy XPRIZE semi-finalist teams:

Learning Upgrade, an ESL/ESOL app developed by an XPRIZE Adult Literacy Team, now available

Technology and Learning, and English Language Learning Colleagues,

Integer App is "test ready"

I made all the little graphics and filled in all the stuff and paid the $25 so -- I'm an"Android App Developer!"    

I put my app as a "test" one -- though it's so simple that even if it "breaks" it won't do anything bad to anybody's computer (it just won't work).   No infinite loops :-)   

Technology as part of a teacher coaching model

T & L CoP Colleagues,

In the Professional Development CoP I posted a message today, in a thread on using coaching for professional development in adult basic education, in which I describe two uses of technology that may be of interest to T&L community members.  In the post that I responded to, Becky Shiring (also a member of this CoP) mentions her adult charter school's innovative uses of technology (e.g. Skype) to enable online meetings between coaches and part-time teachers.  

Below are excerpts from my post:

COABE 2015 App Now Available! / Mark Calendars for App Chat

Dear PD Colleagues,

I am cross-posting the message below from Nell Eckersley, SME of the Technology and Learning COP (please see below). The App now has the capability for presenters to post their handouts and for participants to engage in discussions affiliated with every conference session. It's an opportunity to reach beyond "brick and mortar" of the conference. So even if you can't be there, you can participate from a distance. Presenter schedules will be available through the App later today.

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