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    Wednesday, December 14, 2016 - 3:56pm

Join the Financial Literacy group for a guided exploration of The U.S.

Financial Football - Lesson plan idea

If your learners are anything like mine, then they are discussing the Super Bowl L game coming up.  I found this wonderful resource called Financial Football.  Visa and the National Football Leave have teamed up to help teach financial concepts - this is a fast-pace, interactive game that engages learners while teaching them money management skills.

Here is a link to this resource:

Article: "Financial literacy education lags in U.S. high schools

I found this article, "Financial literacy education lags in U.S. high schools," and thought I would share this information so that you can see where your state currently falls with their financial literacy grade.  Since I live in Kansas, our state received a "C" - but as I meet adult learners who have attended schools in Kansas, I believe that grade is generous

One Question Can Show if You're Smarter than Most U.S. Millennials

I ran across this short article from Money Magazine, "This One Question Can Show if You're Smarter than Most U.S. Millennials".  Is there something from this article that resonates or speaks to you?  How does knowing this information help direct the instruction in your classroom?

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