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Motivating Adult Learners

Hi everyone,

I was recently in Florida at a conference and we were discussion this topic, and I’m taking this opportunity to follow-up here with a broader audience.

The research on motivating adult learners notes that there are three main areas that comprise a platform for motivation (or lack thereof).  These areas are:

Setting our PD goals for the new year.

Every new-year begins with resolutions. For educators, these resolutions are often built around professional goals. As you enter 2017, what are your professional goals and how do you want to achieve them? Sometimes, in order to set realistic goals, we need to start with a reflection of what we need to do. Jennifer Gonzalez has set of what she calls Gut-Level Reflection Questions to help to pinpoint your needs.

Week 2: Definitions and clarifications

It was great to read through the introductions shared from 7 of our 14 group members this last week. If you have not had a chance to reply to that thread please do as it helps everyone have a feel for who your are. If others would like to join our group, we are welcoming all new members this week as well. 

Planning for our group

Hello, Career Pathways Community of Practice,

I am excited to be working with each of you, as LINCS begins a new chapter.  My role is shifting from the previous model of 'subject matter expert' to one where I will serve as a moderator of many experts, namely, you!

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