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Women & Self-Esteem

2016 WE LEARN (Net)Working Gathering & Conference

April 30, 2016 (Pre-Conference April 29, 2016)
Lehman College, Bronx, New York

The theme — Women’s Self-Esteem & Confidence – keeps our attention on the ongoing need for cultivating, growing, and nourishing ourselves and others in our communities in a variety of ways—through language, thought, and action.

Pre-Conference & Conference

Friday, Pre-conference event on April 29, 2016
Self-Esteem & Confidence--Your Emergent Nature

Is the focus on STEM education the best thing for our students?

Yesterday, I read the following article in the Washington Post, titled "Why America’s obsession with STEM education is dangerous"  

I encourage you to read it, and consider the author's arguments.  Here are a few of the highlights that stuck out to me as worthy of consideration.

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