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Job Position Opening for Massachusetts ABE State Director


Massachusetts is seeking an ABE State Director. Please access the link below for a description of the position. The application deadline is January 27, 2014.

Need for Off-Line Education and PD Resources?

Hello Members.   I've been working with professionals -- both educators and adminstrators -- to fill in some of the PD and other resource blanks for correctional educators and would like to extend a question to the group.  Do you find that the internet security -- lack of access in classrooms, or limited access in offices -- in your facilities handicaps your ability to take advantage of on-line opportunities for Professional Development?  I have received enough feedback to know that the lack of access definitely limits resouce accessibility regarding learning materials for distribution in t

How Does Science Fit into Teaching ABE?

Hi Everyone,

I would love to hear from people how science education fits into your experiences teaching adults. For me, it has been mostly teaching health literacy. The science parts of that include basic anatomy, how the body works in terms of diesease processes and medicine use, nutrition and its effect on the body, and things like that.

How else do you integrate science into ABE and ESOL?

And then what kinds of resources would help in the kind of science teaching you do?

I would really love to hear your thoughts!!



Building on the Common Core State Standards to Improve Learning for English Language Learners

  • Date: 
    Tuesday, October 30, 2012 - 1:00pm to 2:31pm
    Online webinar

The transition to Common Core State Standards and Next-Generation Science Standards presents both opportunities and challenges for the growing number of English language learners. A number of initiatives are underway to help English learners access grade-level content while building their language proficiency.

Tags: ABE, ESL, common core

ABE and ASE/GED Math Videos list

Numeracy, Technology and Professional Development colleagues,

Have you used the (free) ABE and ASE/GED Math Videos list for integrating short online videos in your math teaching? If so, how are you using these (or other} instructional videos?


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