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accommodations on standardized tests

Accommodations and Test Taking Strategies on GED Tests

Hi group members,

The topic of Accommodations and Test Taking Strategies on GED Tests generated such a good response within Laura Digalbo's guest discussion, that I wanted to begin a separate, new discussion thread to allow this topic to continue.

Below, I have copied and pasted all the pertinent messages on this topic.  Each individual message is separated by a solid black line below it to separate it from the next message.

Please feel free to continue your interesting discussion within this discussion strand.



Testing Accommodations


What testing accomodations does your state provide?

What testing accomodations do you provide everyday in your classroom?

What accomodations do you most often see?

Join this conversation to answer these questions or to get the answers, your participation is key!

Dyslexia: A Landmark Case - A Video

Hello group users,

The National Center on Learning Disabilities (NCLD) is an excellent source of LD news, information, and resources.

They have posted a resource that you may find interesting.  Dr. Marilyn Bartlett is a successful professor of law and education. She is also a person with dyslexia. Her request to use appropriate accommodations while taking her bar exam was denied.  She filed a lawsuit to fight for her rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990—and won!

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