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Adult English Language Learners

In Two Weeks: USCIS Hosts Adult Citizenship Education Discussion

Dear LINCS Community members,

Join us from February 23-25, 2015 for a special conversation on adult citizenship education with the Office of Citizenship within U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

[Attention]: Today Starts Our Special Health Literacy Discussion!

Greetings community members!

Today starts our week-long special discussion on improving health literacy among ESL learners. Teachers, researchers, program staff, and literacy providers are invited to join subject matter expert Julie McKinney and guest speaker Maricel Santos for a deep dive into newly released survey data: ESL Participation as a Mechanism for Advancing Health Literacy in Immigrant Communities.

[Health Literacy Special Discussion]: Join Us Next Week!

The LINCS Community is pleased to announce a new special discussion. Starting next Monday, the Health Literacy group will host ESL as a Mechanism for Advancing Health Literacy, moderated by guest speaker Maricel Santos, Ed.D.

[Hot Topic]: New Adult English Language Learner Resources in LINCS Resource Collection


The LINCS Resource Collection team has recently added a batch of Adult English Language Learners resources to the LINCS Resource Collection. Please find the linked publications below.

Health Literacy Update to Staying Healthy (Teacher Guide)

Dear LINCS Community members,

We are pleased to announce the addition of Staying Healthy for Beginners: An English Learner’s Guide to Health Care and Healthy Living to the LINCS Resource Collection. This publication is comprised of a teacher guide and student guide that when used together help enhance students’ understanding of health information while improving their English language and literacy skills at the same time.

A Component of the Common Core: Complex Texts

Welcome back after the Fourth of July holiday,

Call for Adult Learner Writing - Women's Perspectives

Women's Perspectives #9 - Women Celebrate the Future - will showcase original writings and artwork by adult literacy/basic education students across all levels. Student writers and artists are encouraged to reflect and to share ideas on the theme “Women Celebrate the Future.”

Welcome English Language Learner University (ELL-U) members to LINCS!

The addition of ELL-U resources on LINCS creates opportunities for all community members to access additional knowledge and new resources that further the work of ESOL practitioners. To locate former ELL-U online courses, please follow this link:

Online Course: Formative Assessment to Inform Quality Adult ESL Instruction

Use this discussion thread to post your response to the question below from the ELL-U online course, Formative Assessment to Inform Quality Adult ESL Instruction. Please share your comments and feedback on the course.

  • What is one important thing you are taking away from this online course? What do you hope to implement in your classroom?


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