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Creating digital assessments and tracking mastery on standards in the adult ESL classroom

Hi - I've posted this in a couple other groups, but thought it might be appropriate here as well:

I'd like to find a cohort of adult ESL instructors who are interested in finding digital solutions to creating assessments and tracking mastery on standards.

The New USA Learns

As many of you know, USA Learns is one of the prominent sites on Learn English section of LINCS Adult Learner Center.  USA Learns will be updated very soon.  Attend a webinar to find out about the new features so you can help your students get the most out of the courses.

OER supports Instructors and enables students

Good afternoon everyone,

The semester started this week, and I'm teaching a new class this year. So I'm still trying to learn before I teach. Not that it's an excuse, but it's a good reason why I haven't taken the time to get back to OER commons.

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Why Does ABE Matter? New 5-min Video Worth Watching!

Hello colleagues,

At our state Adult Basic Education conference last week, this brief talk (among others!) was given by a local ABE manager.  The speaker, Jodi Versaw, was responding to the question, "Why Does ABE Matter?"  If you teach ESL, you'll enjoy this eloquent affirmation of our work.

Find a recording of her 5-min talk here:


Patsy Vinogradov

Director, ATLAS 

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Connect with OER Experts During Next Week’s Event!

Event Title: Open Educational Resources (OER): How Can These Free Resources be Used for ESL Teaching and Learning?

Event Type: Online Discussion in the LINCS Community

Date(s): August 25 - September 1, 2015

Open Educational Resources (OER): How Can These Free Resources be Used for ESL Teaching and Learning? is fast approaching.

[Health Literacy Special Discussion]: Join Us Next Week!

The LINCS Community is pleased to announce a new special discussion. Starting next Monday, the Health Literacy group will host ESL as a Mechanism for Advancing Health Literacy, moderated by guest speaker Maricel Santos, Ed.D.

A Tech Question from an ESL Teacher on the ELL-Group- Apps for NOOKS HD for ELLs

Hi ,Technology and Education Group.

I'm the SME for the English Language Learning Community of Practice. The following question was posted on the ELL CoP a few days ago. No response. I'd like to help the member who posted.

Could anyone in this group respond?  I know you are the people who know! Thanks, Miriam

Children's songs

I have beginning Family Literacy students who would like to learn some children’s songs.  I want to teach them children’s songs that are also helpful for their English – so I don’t really want to use songs w/nonsense words, obscure words (like in nursery rhymes), or words that aren’t really necessary for adults (animals and their sounds).

CCR standards and English Language Learners

Hi all,

In South Carolina we are continuing a long discussion on standards and content objectives for the adult ESL population, and I'd like to understand more about how this is approached in other places.

How are you using the College and Career Readiness Standards for English Language Learners in your state/organization?  If you have other standards in place, how will you approach integrating these?  Will you?  Adn if you do not have other standards in place, are you considering using these for your ESL population? How?

Creating a Health Literacy Program/ Resource inside an Adult Literacy Center

 My name is Glenn McComas, and I am a recent graduate of East Carolina University with a B.S Degree in 
Public Health Studies and a concentration in Health Education and Promotion. I am currently a Health
 Literacy intern with the Literacy Volunteers of Pitt County and I have the intentions of creating and 
implementing a Health Literacy program/ resource here at LV-PC. Here at LV-PC they mainly focus on adult
 basic education. (reading, writing, and math)


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