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adult secondary education

"Demand-driven" higher and adult secondary skills education

Hello colleagues,

The cusp between 2018 and 2019, and the new year, may be a good time for reflection (or recovery, depending on your situation). This article from eCampus News, "Experts say we’re approaching a third wave of higher-ed reform" exploring "demand-driven education" is relevant to adult secondary education and transition to college programs for adults as well as to higher education.  From the article:

New Year, new challenges: Common Core Standards and New GED


Meryl Becker-Perzocki and I were sharing some thoughts about changes in the works. We're sharing a couple observations and posing questions for your consideration. Adult educators and our learners will experience a new GED® in 2014 and states' adoption of the Common Core Standards will influence the item content.

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