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Affordable Care Act

Numeracy, Lessons on Health Insurance, and the Affordable Care Act


Many in our field think we need to teach adult learners about the Affordable Care Act, how it works, and where they can get good information for making decisions about their family health insurance. It has occurred to me that there are opportunities in teaching about health care insurance for teaching reading comprehension, numeracy problem solving and financial literacy as learners engage with this critical issue.

The Financial Mysteries of Health Insurance

Does anyone know of any materials made for adult learners that address the finances of health insurance? Next month, the Affordable Care Act will kick in. States will be asking a lot of people with low literacy skills to sign up for ihealth insurance, and to choose between different plans. 

Thanks in advance!

messaging about participating in new health insurance exchanges

The newly formed Georgia Alliance for Health Literacy seeks to promote awareness and informed decision-making about new health insurance opportunities for people who currently lack health insurance.  The Affordable Care Act (ACA) enables those opportunities.  We're seeking public  campaign materials for increasing awareness of, or for motivating participation in, ACA insurance exchanges.  We'd like to identify any such materials that conform to best health literacy practices.   Please post those resources to this list, or sent them to DRUBIN@UGA.EDU.

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