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A new book argues that we should stop requiring advanced math. What do you think?

Numeracy and mathematics teaching colleagues,

In a March 2nd NPR interview and in his recent book, Andrew Hacker, author of The Math Myth: And Other STEM Delusions and a professor emeritus of political science at Queens College, City University of New York, argues that we should not require advanced math. "Hacker's central argument is that advanced mathematics requirements, like algebra, trigonometry and calculus, are 'a harsh and senseless hurdle' keeping far too many Americans from completing their educations and leading productive lives."

Listening with understanding ... EUREKA moment!

Working with a math student yesterday and I had such an interesting experience that caused a few "Ah Ha" moments I wanted to share.

Fall Numeracy Instruction Online Courses

World Education is offering two facilitated online courses this fall for numeracy instruction. Foundations of Teaching Adult Numeracy starts October 16 and Introducing Algebraic Reasoning starts October 28.

Introducing Algebraic Reasoning online course from World Education

Research suggests that math topics, including algebra, should be taught at all levels, not just when students are ready to prepare for the high school equivalency test. In Algebra: Introducing Algebraic Reasoning, an online course from World Education, you’ll learn how to introduce algebraic reasoning to your students, and you’ll experiment with strategies for teaching numeric patterns, relationships, and functions based on real-life situations.

Webinars rescheduled (reasoning and algebra in context)

The webinars postponed by Sandy have been rescheduled , per  

How important is algebra?

The EFFTIPS blog has just published: In the News: More on Algebra! which they share information from a recent New York Times article, "N Ways to Apply Algebra With the New York Times"

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