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assessing writing

Assessing Writing: Feedback and Revision

Hello colleagues, In the most recent COABE journal, David Rosen reviews a number of websites that support students and teachers in assessing writing. One of those websites is ELI Review. This site includes a remarkable set of materials to support the teaching and assessing of writing including curricular resources and teacher development ideas. The section on feedback and revision is particularly worth checking out.

Writing on the new GED®

Good afternoon, friends, I was initially pleased to hear that the new GED® test would require a higher standard for writing compared to the previous version of the test. I always thought the previous writing standards were far too low to prepare students for work that required any writing and especially for postsecondary education.

Student Writing: Questions in the Margins

Uploaded image from finnmillerHello Colleagues, One of the ways I have found to provide useful feedback to students on their writing is to have them write questions they have about the writing in the margins of the piece they are working on. This process allows me to focus my feedback on the specific issues the learners themselves are grappling with.

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