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background knowledge

When is background knowledge a barrier in Science education?

Prior knolwege is required for deep learning. It allows us to make sense out of new information. But what happens when a student's prior knowledge is incomplete or incorrect? These misconceptions can hinder a learners' progress in skill mastery in a specific content area such as Science.

Activating and Assessing Prior Knowledge

Hello colleagues, Since we have been discussing activating and assessing prior knowledge, I wanted to share an idea I learned from a colleague recently. This adaptation of the traditional KWL, is called “Ponder and Pass,” and she did this with students prior to a lesson on the topic of using animals as subjects in research.

Pre-assessing Learners' Understanding

Hello Colleagues, Many teachers use KWL charts as an instructional tool. A KWL graphic organizer is often divided into three columns. In the “K” column, students write what they “Know” about a topic. In the “W” column, they indicate questions they have and things they “Want to know” about a topic. The “L” column is reserved to record what they “Learn” from the lesson.

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