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blended learning

Webinars on English Under the Arches -- McDonalds Corporation, and Blended Learning


In preparation for its Summer Institute, the Centre for Literacy in Montreal will offer three free webinars in May. Here are two that may be of special interest to those in the U.S.:

Blended Learning

Technology and Distance Learning Colleagues,

I would like to start a discussion here about blended learning in adult basic education (i.e. ABE, ASE, ESL/ESOL, and transition to college).

I have two purposes:

1) Together I believe we know a lot more about blended learning than any of us individually, and I believe that we can learn from each other.

2) I am writing an adult education teacher's guide on blended learning which may be better if it is informed by the experience, knowledge and questions of teachers and others who participate in this discussion.

Excellent Examples of DL and Blended Learning

Distance Learning and Blended Learning Colleagues,

What will adult basic education in the U.S. look like in the future?


"What will adult basic education in the U.S. look like in the future?" is a great question for us to consider here. What are the trends that you are seeing that you think will continue, and perhaps transform adult basic education in the future?

Here's are a few of the trends I see that could, or already are beginning to, transform adult basic education (including ESOL/ESL):

LINCS Technology in the Adult Education Classroom Online Course

Hello Members,

Please take a look at the following announcement. This post originally appeared in the Technology and Learning Group, but with a technology "push" of sorts coming to corrections classrooms I encourage you to take a look. Can you see integrating these strategies into your classrooms? What devices might you use? What other options for integrating technology into correctional classrooms might there be?

Coming Soon to the LINCS Learning Portal --- The LINCS Integrating Technology in the Adult Education Classroom Online Course

MOOCS and MOOC Study Circles in Adult Ed


Sometime soon adult learners may learn from MOOCS* as well as in classes or tutorials. The idea of students learning in an online distance education course that thousands of others across the world are enrolled in probably causes some adult education practitioners to shudder, including me. However, that may not be the right image. MOOCs are new, and not fully formed. There are lots of possibilities.

ABE and ASE/GED Math Videos list

Numeracy, Technology and Professional Development colleagues,

Have you used the (free) ABE and ASE/GED Math Videos list for integrating short online videos in your math teaching? If so, how are you using these (or other} instructional videos?


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