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How many books do you have in your home? A new PIAAC study suggests it makes a difference on how well children will do as adults.

Hello reading, writing, numeracy and technology colleagues,

A new PIAAC international study suggests that the number of books in the house may have advantageous affects for children -- throughout their lives -- in three areas:  adult literacy, adult numeracy, and adult problem solving in a technology rich environment.

Reading Great Books

Reading teachers,

Perhaps you teach adult basic skills or adult secondary education, or transition to college level students and you want them to read books. What books have you found that engage adult learners?

Here's an in intriguing list by author and New Yorker writer, David Denby, of engaging books for teenagers. I suspect that some of these books may also be of interest to adults. Which ones do you think might be of interest to your students?

Settling in with your students and a good book

Dear Colleagues:

It's that time of year, time to find a good book to escape the cold days of winter.  Are you and your students up for a longer read?  Ohio Literacy Resource Center's Eureka! Agora website can help you locate a book, based on your students' interests and reading levels, with suggested teaching strategies and lesson plans, too.

Science Workbooks

Hello fellow science teachers and learners,

I'm looking for a science workbook and I thought this community might have some suggestions.  

I'm currently teaching a class to prepare HSE students for the science portion of their HSE exam (which is the TASC in my state).  I'm looking for a workbook that I could suggest to my students to use at home for extra practice, or that I could use in class for practice questions, vocabulary, readings, etc.  Students always ask for this type of thing, and since the retirement of the old GED, I've been at a loss for suggestions.

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Books, Films and TED talks that inspire teachers


The Adult Literacy Education (ALE) Wiki professional development area has a section on books and films that inspire teachers.

I have just added a new page of inspiring TED talks. that includes some discussed recently on LINCS.

More Interest in Correctional Ed from Big Publishers

Hello Members.  I've noticed recently that several of the "Big Publishers", namely Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and Pearson, have created new strategic marketing initiatives within their publishing houses. Each of these publishers, and a couple others, have assigned specific representatives and resources within their structure to pursue and define the needs of correctional educators around the country.  Has anyone experienced an increased presence of some of the big publishing houses within State meetings or at your particular facility? It's a good trend, in my opinion.

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