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Position Announcement: Research Associate, Adult Education Initiatives at Digital Promise



I recently accepted a position with Digital Promise to lead their adult education initiatives. Digital Promise has received a grant from The Joyce Foundation, together with EdSurge and MIT Media Lab, to support the creation and promotion of education technologies for adult learners. Here’s a link to the press release announcing the grant and my position:


Career Opportunities in the field


Hello Reading and Writing Group,

In the realm of sharing our knowledge and opinions with each other another component is the sharing of opportunities in the field.  Be it Jobs, Volunteering, or Grants, it is important that we have a place for members looking for these opportunities to invest in the craft that we all care so much about.  Please use this discussion thread to post your job announcements in Reading and Writing group by commenting to this thread.

Job Announcements in Career Pathways

Job Announcements in Career Pathways

Please use this discussion thread to post job announcements that would be relevant to the Career Pathways COP by commenting to this thread.

This will help us keep the job announcements all in one easy location for reference and for those members who select to receive email notifications for immediate or digest messages will receive an email about your job posting.

Thank you

Donna Brian

SME Career Pathways

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