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Career Pathways Programs

OCTAE Connection, March 20, 2014

Discuss With Us! NAEFL Week Featured Career Pathways Resources

In celebration of National Adult Education and Family Literacy Week, Career Pathways COP is hosting a discussion of two resources, each of which reports on successful career pathways programs in six different community colleges.  The goal is to get us thinking and discussing the characteristics these programs have in common and also the variations utilized to match the needs of the various colleges, the populations being served, and the careers for which the programs provide the education.  The chosen resources are 

Online course - Navigating Pathways to Opportunity

There are a limited number of seats open for the following online course offering:


OVAE/DOL Career Pathways programed for each state?

Will they have each state negotiate how a career pathway is defiend and how it will relate to a GED/ESL program enrollment. Or will there be a singular model for all states and programs. What has been decided. The memo of a few months back was clear in its intention but undefined in its implementation.

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