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Career Pathways

Educate & Elevate Campaign Toolkit for Story-telling for Career Pathways Partnerships

Story-telling is a major element of any career pathways program's success.  What is your program's story?  Check out Educate and Elevate's Employer Success website for examples of career pathways stories that support programs' missions and goals for sustainable growth and success.  You can also share your program's story with a wider audience by sharing it there.  The site is part of Educate and Elevate's larger Campaign Toolkit.

ExploreVR: The VR Business Engagement Compendium

Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) agencies have varied approaches to engaging with business, tracking business contacts, and coordinating business engagement activities with workforce partners. In the past, there was not a single source of compiled information about how each VR agency approaches business engagement.

Making Apprenticeships Count: A Survey by the Numbers

The Workforce Data Quality Campaign and National Skills Coalition recently released a white paper titled, Counting Registered Apprenticeship Completions. The paper sets the stage by outlining the recent federal investment in apprenticeships.

Ed Design Lab's Single Moms Success Design Challenge

In early 2019, Education Design Lab will select four community colleges to design, launch, and test a set of scalable interventions designed to dramatically increase the percentage of single mothers attaining a degree, or high-quality credential from community colleges.

Amazon and COABE Work Together to Provide Jobs for Adult Learners

  • Date: 
    Friday, December 7, 2018 - 2:00pm to 3:00pm
    Online webinar

Abt Associates: Career Pathways Strategies: Early Impacts on Education & Training and Insights from PACE Programs

Recently Abt Associates held a webinar titled, Career Pathways Strategies: Early Impacts on Education & Training and Insights from PACE Programs.  You can view the recorded webinar here.

CLASP: Advancing Racial Equity through Career Pathways

This is the final brief in a series called Maximizing the Power of Career Pathways, which focuses on strategies to better define, develop, and promote career pathways.  This final brief asserts that advancing equity is the purpose of federal investments in education and workforce development.

WorkforceGPS: Healthcare and Green Energy in Native Communities

National American Indian Heritage Month begins today, November 1st. As a tribute to the rich history and culture of Native Americans, Workforce GPS is highlighting two resources that showcase job training programs across tribal communities in North Dakota, Montana, Wisconsin, and Alaska. These resources document the need for culturally sensitive and customized strategies to meet the needs of Native students through supportive services and industry-recognized certificates and degrees. 

Google's Applied Digital Skills: Do they have a place in Career Pathways programs?

Google's Applied Digital Skills are designed to teach practical digital skills using its free project-based video curriculum.  These curriculum-based videos are designed to "teach the digital skills students needed to succeed in the classroom and on the job, from researching to analyzing data".  Google has created two series, one for middle & high school students, and a second fo

Workforce GPS: Increasing Academic Achievement - SkillsCommons Field Guide

  • Date: 
    Wednesday, October 10, 2018 - 4:00pm to 5:00pm
    Online webinar

How do higher education students and workforce system participants increase academic achievement to accelerate completion?  Authentic Assessment, Employer Based Curricula Development, and Credit for Prior Learning, among many other promising strategies!  Learn from expertise of project directors who managed complex and comprehensive programs.  The SkillsCommons Field Guide of TAACCCT Innovations provides practical advice and strategies ready to be implemented.


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