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Career Planning

Individualized Learning Plans

In January, the Youth and Adult Pathways microgroup focused on career planning and Individualized Learning Plans was a key topic of discussion. This week, the US Department of Labor, Office of Disability Employment Policy released some resources regarding ILPs.

Take a look - interesting and useful materials!

Link to YAP Webinar on ILPs....

Personal Learning Plans

Individualized Learning Plans (ILPs)

Hi YAP - What a wonderful Webinar we had yesterday with Curtis Richards, Director of the Center for Workforce Development at IEL! Sharing resource across Federal sectors makes sense!

We will posting the archive of the Webinar shortly - but, in the meantime, lets continue the conversation...


  • What is your experience in using ILPs?

  • What are the differences in using learning plans in youth settings versus adult education settings - or are there any differences?

YAP Event 3 - Career Planning and Counseling - Webinar Recording

The first of two webinars for YAP Event 3, Career Planning and Counseling, is now available for viewing.

View this webinar on the LINCS YouTube Channel at


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