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UNESCO study says cell phones can help to improve literacy

"A study by the U.N. education agency says cellphones are getting more and more people to read in countries where books are rare and illiteracy is high."

"Paris-based UNESCO says 774 million people worldwide cannot read, and most people in sub-Saharan Africa don't own any books but cellphones are increasingly widespread. The report Wednesday by UNESCO says large numbers of people in such countries are reading books and stories on 'rudimentary small-screen devices.' "

Link to Student Cell Phone Survey


I have been asked for the link to the adult learner cell/mobile phone survey that I mentioned yesterday in our NETP Report discussion. The survey is available only in English. If you translate it, please post your translation and send us a link to it. (After all, that kind of sharing of resources is what people do in a community of practice, right?) If you use the survey or adapt it, please share this information, too.

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