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Technology Use Trends for Adult Learners, and the Implications of These Trends

Technology colleagues,

I am seeing some trends in the adult education classrooms I visit, from face-to-face and online coversations with adult education teachers, and from blogs. I wonder if you are seeing these, too.

2014 Trends

1. Nearly all adult education students in the U.S. now have cell phones.

2. Many more students, especially ELL students, have smart phones.

3. Portable digital devices such as phones and tablets are the new family technology priority, not necessarily a family computer.

Challenges to mobile learning and some solutions

Hi all,

One of the challenges to implementing mobile learning with adult learners is the lack of access learners have to cellphones due to the cost of the service.  Below is an announcmenet about a government benefit program that can lead to a discount on a cellphone or land phone line.

What are some other challenges to using mobile learning with learners? And do you have any other solutions to the access problem?




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