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Teaching basic literacy or beginning ESL/ESOL level adults how to use Chromebooks

Hello Colleagues,

Many adult basic skills programs and schools use Chromebooks with their adult literacy or adult ESL/ESOL students. For many of these adult learners this is their introduction to using a computer, email, the Internet, YouTube videos, apps like Google Maps, and other personal, family, education and work-related uses of digital technology.

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Why Some Schools Are Selling All Their iPads

There is an interesting article in the Atlantic from August 5 on the move for some k-12 shools from iPads to chromebooks (what is this?).  There is some hype in the article and the comments made by readers at the end of the article show a big divide between people who feel technology and education has not been studied enough and those who are more embracing of tech.  Are the arguments similar for technology and education for adults?  

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Chromebook vs. Tablets



Does anyone have experience with class sets of Chromebooks or tablets? How did it go? What apps are teachers using? What issues are you running into? 

I'm primarily concerned with breakage. I know how many miles we get out of a desktop. No idea on a Chromebook or tablet (we're thinking Nexus or Fire).

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(Sorry if this posted somewhere else. I didn't see it.) 

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