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Google's Applied Digital Skills: Digital Skills for the Office

  • Date: 
    Thursday, June 13, 2019 - 2:00pm to 3:00pm
    Online webinar

In this webinar, Google's Applied Digital Skills trainer, Janet Maragioglio, will walk users through popular lessons to learn digital skills for the office:

1. Connect and Collaborate Anywhere with Digital Tools
2. Give and Receive Feedback
3. Effective Communication at Work
4. Negotiate Your Salary
5. Plan Effective Meetings 

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Have you ever wanted to submit / present at a national conference? Let's share some strategies.


The COABE Conference released their call for conference proposals. I will be submitting a proposal around the topic of supporting distance learning students and online student services. Do you have ideas or areas you would like to present but are unsure of how to write a successful proposal? Have you presented at state or national conferences before and have some tips or ideas to share to our members? Are you new to presenting and have questions to ask? 

COABE: “Are We on the Brink of Something Big?”

COABE’s most recent journal includes an article by Johan Uvin, now the president of the Institute of Educational Leadership, entitled, “Are We on the Brink of Something Big?  Reflections on the Current and Future State of Career Pathways Policy and Practice”.  In the piece, Uvin addresses some of the current challenges facing career pathways’ promise of providing greater equity and opportunity for all Americans.  He notes the following; bold text below is added.

COABE - Sessions and Discussions

Hi All, 

I will be heading to Florida on Sunday - but for those who are able to attend, I am sharing all of the Science and Health Literacy related sessions. For those who are not able to attend, I will be sharing information learned from as many sessions as possible. 

Sunday: Pre Session: 

  • P308 - Scientific Inquiry and the GED(r) Science Test. (Presenters: Bonnie Goonen andSusan Pittman) 


COABE Annual Conference

Please Join GEDTS at the Commission on Adult Basic Education Conference

What PD Are You Presenting or Attending This Spring?

Dear Professional Development Colleagues:

Springtime is the season for renewing, revitalizing, and advancing our own practices! As the PD season swings into high gear, we can use this forum to maximize our learning -- collectively -- by reflecting upon and sharing what we’re teaching and learning through professional development.

COABE 2015 App Now Available! / Mark Calendars for App Chat

Dear PD Colleagues,

I am cross-posting the message below from Nell Eckersley, SME of the Technology and Learning COP (please see below). The App now has the capability for presenters to post their handouts and for participants to engage in discussions affiliated with every conference session. It's an opportunity to reach beyond "brick and mortar" of the conference. So even if you can't be there, you can participate from a distance. Presenter schedules will be available through the App later today.

Meet Your New Moderator, Jackie Taylor

This conversation is by way of introducing Jackie Taylor as the new moderator of the Science Community of Practice.  Many of you already know Jackie from one or another facet of her professional life.  She has had many aspects to her career; through this discussion you may learn previously unknown dimensions to her work.

This is an asynchronous discussion: Jackie is in the Eastern Time Zone, and I am on Pacific Time.  We expect the conversation to last over the next two days.  Please read along and join in with comments and questions of your own, if you wish to do so!

COABE’s Share the Love of Learning Contest!

Hello everyone!

Thanks to all who have shared their stories of teacher change. By way of reminder, the contest closes at Noon ET tomorrow (Valentine’s). If you haven’t yet, please post your story in the COABE App (free for download) to be eligible to win a free COABE conference registration and other prizes (listed here).

What part of the elephant?

Hi, everyone.

The Commission on Adult Basic Education (COABE) conference was held this past week in Pittsburgh. At the risk of being like the blind man who describes the elephant by only the part he is standing by and hence can feel, my observations of dominant themes that surfaced are as follows:

*Preparing students –both native speakers and English language learners – for the high school equivalency exams or tasks

*Using all levels of Depth of Knowledge (DoK) skills with all learners, no matter their English or basic skill level DOK Level


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