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What part of the elephant?

Hi, everyone.

The Commission on Adult Basic Education (COABE) conference was held this past week in Pittsburgh. At the risk of being like the blind man who describes the elephant by only the part he is standing by and hence can feel, my observations of dominant themes that surfaced are as follows:

*Preparing students –both native speakers and English language learners – for the high school equivalency exams or tasks

*Using all levels of Depth of Knowledge (DoK) skills with all learners, no matter their English or basic skill level DOK Level

What Stood Out? Learning at the 2014 COABE / PAACE Conference

Dear Colleagues,

Whether you attended the COABE / PAACE Conference this year, our Evidence-based Professional Development Group provides us a unique opportunity to reflect and learn from each other, beyond the brick and mortar walls of conference.

For those of you who attended, what stood out to you about this year's conference? What did you enjoy most? What did you learn or what were your key takeaways? What would you like to see happen differently next year? (Denver 2015)

2014 COABE PAACE Conference

Dear Colleagues,

I am attending and presenting at the 2014 COABE PAACE Conference in Pittsburgh this week (March 15 - 19).

2014 COABE in Philly

Hello All,


Ryan Hall posted this message earlier in the Diversity and Literacy Group and I thought it was definitely worth sharing.  COABE looks absolutely fantastic this year.  Wish I could be there!  If you are...please share your experiences and take-aways...

Here is Ryan's message:

COABE's new App is "APP-solutely APP-dictive!

Dear Professional Development Colleagues,

COABE 2014

Hi all,

I'm in Pittsburgh getting ready for COABE 14.  I am creating a list of all the tech related COABE sessions and will share the list as soon as it is complete.  There is also a COABE conference app this year which you can use at the conference to create your own schedule (agenda), follow other conferees, post photos and comments, complete evaluations and more.  To get the app go to this link

PD at the 2014 COABE / PAACE Conference

Dear Professional Development and Technology Colleagues,

For many years, we have shared our plans for upcoming conferences in our group, in particular, COABE. Doing so provides us a unique opportunity to network, set goals, learn from one another, and share what we’ve learned so that we can extend the learning beyond the brick-and-mortar of conference walls.

Beginning this week, I will share with you some * new * professional development-related activities that COABE has planned for you for the 2014 COABE/PAACE Conference.

Posting Questions for Conference-goers


Miriam Burt wrote on the Adult English Language Learners CoP:

The international TESOL conference is  a huge event for anyone working with English language learners.  It's the place to hear the latest research on learning English as a second language and to connect the research to practice. It also has a huge exhibition hall to find the resources that connect to the research. Mostly it's a great place to learn about and share evidence-based strategies to help you in your classroom.

ACP-SC Webcast Series: Designing Contextualized Instruction for Career Pathway

  • Date: 
    Wednesday, March 27, 2013 - 9:30am to 11:00am
    COABE, New Orleans

Registration is now open for both the Integrating Career Planning and Counseling for Adult Career Pathways  and Designing Contextualized Instruction for Career Pathways webcasts.

Register now:

Can't be with us at COABE?  You can still register at the above link to view the webcast live from your personal computer.

AALPD 2013 Partner in Excellence Award Call for Nominations



Association of Adult Literacy Professional Developers


2013 Partner in Excellence Award

Deadline: February 22, 2013


Dear Adult Education and Professional Development Colleagues:


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