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Moving students beyond their HSE outside of corrections.


A College Experience For Intellectually Disabled Adults

Hi group members,

Below is an inspirational story from CBS/Philadephia about an adult student with intellectual disabilities.  You can watch the accompanying video at: 

Post Secondary/College and Learning Disabilities

Hi group members,

According to research statistics, 79% of students with learning-disabilities do not pursue a four-year degree.

Are you aware that there is a well-known 4-year college that is only for students with Learning Disabilities?  That institution is Beacon College in Leesburg, Florida.  It offers classes of no more than 15 in size.  Students are given learning accommodations such as one-on-one attention, voice-to-speech technologies, learning spaces with minimal distractions, hands-on-activities, and printed lecture notes.

Digital Divide Hits College-Admissions Process

Hi all,

I read an interesting article in today's issue of Education Week's Digital Directions that discusses how college admissions are becoming increasingly all online and it presents the pros and challenges this creates for students.  I found a lot of the article to resonate with what abe students face, and they discuss the specific issues that create barriers for disadvantaged high school students, a lot of which also sounded familiar to me.  

disability resources for college students

Hi all,

Rochelle asked me to forward this information to the group. I left the pricing and other sales info. If you are interested, contact them. We had some of the older versions of this material and found it useful. I tend to feel that commercial offerings in the area of adults with disabilities that are intended to be used by all professional, not just "disability specialist" is a recognition of the numbers of students in/going into college that might need this type of information.

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