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College and Career Readiness Standards for Adult Education

CrowdED Learning—Here are a BUNCH of CCRS and TABE 11/12 Aligned Resources!

Hey everyone!

I'm excited to announce CrowdED Learning has released alignment documents for a handful of high quality free and open educational resources, with alignments both to the CCRS and TABE 11/12!

Over 2,000 Practice Sets from Khan Academy—Aligned to the CCRS and TABE 11/12

I threatened to do this a long time ago, Once I had the things (and Excel knowledge) in place that were needed, it took me maybe 5 hours to get it done?

CrowdED Learning has created downloadable/copyable spreadsheets containing all of the practice sets from Khan Academy, aligned to the College & Career Readiness Standards for Adult Education and TABE 11+12 (including indication of emphasis). I'm interested in seeing if folks want to take a look and perhaps have a follow up discussion on what best practices could be shared out to the field on how to use these. 

Questions to the Field: Integrating OER and Free Resources in Adult Education

Last month at a meeting with distance learning adult educators from around the country, I had the opportunity to present on OER integration and share CrowdED Learning’s SkillBlox initiative. My copresenter from Pennsylvania walked through the evolution they have gone through with their GED distance learning program, and how that led to a model strategy for integrating free and open education resources into their curriculum.

Student Assignments and Standards

I hope that some of you can point me in the right direction.  I am looking for a protocol that matches student work to the demands of the standards.  It is an analysis to determine if the assignment is aligned to the standard, and then examines how students performed on that work.  Lastly, it provides a way to improve and enhance the lesson plus the student work.  I am aware of the one used in Standards-in-Action.  It is the third innovation called Focus On Assignments: Working Together To Improve Teaching And Learning.  I know that other procedures exist.  Where c

Sustaining an Initiative: Standards-Based Education


A few months ago RTI International released the Handbook for Sustaining Standards-Based Education in Adult Education.  It was part of the Promoting College and Career Readiness Standards in Adult Education project under contract to OCTAE.  On page 2, of the handbook the purpose of the book is described.  The handbook was written to help state leaders with the development of reforms that are spread on a large scale and sustained over time.

Week 3 Watching Teaching in Action

Greetings to all,

April 21 – 25 is the start of week 3 of our activity in the College and Career Standards Group. The video for this week focuses on informational texts.  The short video begins with students expressing their difficulties reading and using complex texts.  You will see how the instructor, Ms. Wessling, uses a strategy to overcome their challenges.  I think that viewing this video can provide you with insight that is transferable to adult education classes.

Checklist to Help Students Meet the Expectation of Standards

HI to all,

Some years ago, I used checklists to organize my instruction with Math standards and found the checklist to be a terrific organizational tool.  When I read the blog by Heather Wolpert-Gawron in Edutopia: Common Core in Action: The Power of a Checklist it really hit home with me.  The rationale expressed in this article definitely addresses college and career readiness in the Common Core.

2013 - Year in Review

Dear Colleagues, 

A very happy new year to you!


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