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common core standards

Teacher Stories about Using Standards

The Common Core and Formative Assessment


What did you learn?  Combining the Common Core Readiness Standards for Adult Education along with formative assessment provides the instructor and learners with feedback on the lesson.  It allows the teacher to determine where the students are in their learning and make the appropriate adjustments in order to meet the learning targets of the day.

A Component of the Common Core: Complex Texts

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Checklist to Help Students Meet the Expectation of Standards

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Some years ago, I used checklists to organize my instruction with Math standards and found the checklist to be a terrific organizational tool.  When I read the blog by Heather Wolpert-Gawron in Edutopia: Common Core in Action: The Power of a Checklist it really hit home with me.  The rationale expressed in this article definitely addresses college and career readiness in the Common Core.

Standards Professional Development

Hello Everyone,

I was wondering if you will be participating in Professional Development over the summer that relates to "standards."  If so, would you be so kind to share some information about it?  I believe that it will be interesting to learn about the PD that is being offered to adult educators in different states. 

Meryl Becker-Prezocki, SME

Kentucky Adult Education’s Standards Professional Development Resources: Webinar and Guest Discussion

June 24th is the start of the Kentucky Adult Education’s Standards Professional Development Resources: Webinar and Guest Discussion.  I am the host of this activity and the subject matter expert of the College and Career Standards Community.

Digital Directions articles on adaptive testing


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I receive the online version of Education Week, which is focused on K-12 education.  I find it extremely informative because it precedes/mirrors our efforts in adult education in a variety of areas, particularly implementing standards and moving to digital testing.  The lastest issue of Education Week's Digital Directions has a number of articles that I found helpful - all focused on moving to digital testing.  I thought perhaps some of you might find these articles informative as well - I've pasted a bunch of the articles from this issue below.

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