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Does your adult literacy program host a community read? Do adult learners participate in improvisation, writing and performance projects?

Hello reading and writing colleagues,

I am fascinated by the Redlands California Adult Literacy Program's choosing Seedfolks by award-winning author Paul Fleischman as its community read this year, and by its hosting a free performance of the book. (I wish I could be there to see the performance!)

Why Skills Matter in Your Community

On November 20, OVAE launched an engagement process that will result in a National Action Plan for improving the skills of low-skilled adults, a part of the Department’s response to the U.S. performance on the PIAAC Survey of Adult Skills.

Adult ELL Assessments in the Community Environment.

I am a graduate student at the University of North Dakota in the Masters of Education English Language Learners program. However, I currently teach at a CBO in Charleston, South Carolina.  I am attempting to write a literature review on ELL assessment. The literature review will be an effort in determining the best known practices for community adult ELL assessment. I am trying to root out what is out there in regards to scholarly opinions concerning these assessments.

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