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New Competencies for Getting through the Digital Gauntlet to a Job Interview

Hello LINCS Colleague,

Are you designing curriculum or teaching adult learners to prepare for jobs or careers? Do you manage a career pathways program for adult learners? If so, my Adult Literacy Education blog article,  After Career Preparation Mastery, Getting through the Digital Gauntlet to a Job Interview, may be of interest.

New Competency-based Initiative by LinkedIn


Cynthia Zafft called my attention to , a new competency-based Markle foundation-funded initiative by LinkedIn, tying together job seekers, employers and education providers, including colleges. It looks like it could be a useful tool for career pathways systems. Although it’s still very new and limited so far to Colorado and the greater Phoenix area, it will be interesting to see how it works there, and if it is picked up in other states. Something to keep an eye on.

Here's an article about it.

Competency-based programs


Competency-based education has been around for awhile. It's the mainstay of vocational and occupational education in North America, Australia, and in some European countries.

Competency-based Adult Education in the Cloud Age

Technology Colleagues,

I have a new short blog post on competency-based adult education in the Digital and Cloud Age. In it I briefly describe the underpinnings of comptency-based education and suggest that what was a good, if sometimes impractical, idea for teachers in the 1960s -- 1980s, with digital and cloud technologies may now be more useful and should be re-examined.

You can read the blog article at:

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