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conference note-taking

Posting Questions for Conference-goers


Miriam Burt wrote on the Adult English Language Learners CoP:

The international TESOL conference is  a huge event for anyone working with English language learners.  It's the place to hear the latest research on learning English as a second language and to connect the research to practice. It also has a huge exhibition hall to find the resources that connect to the research. Mostly it's a great place to learn about and share evidence-based strategies to help you in your classroom.

Wiki page for note taking at COABE 2013


I have set up a COABE 20913 note taking page in the Professional Development area of the Adult Literacy Education (ALE) Wiki. You will find it at

I hope you will add your COABE 2013 notes to this wiki page. I will. You can do this during a session (if you have Internet access), or later. You don't have to know wiki formatting. Just copy and paste your notes in. Of course, if you would like to do the formatting, please do!

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