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Correctional Education

The New Reentry Council Reentry Mythbusters

The new Reentry MythBusters from the Reentry Council are here!  Please take a moment to look them over and share your thoughts with the group.

New Urban Institute Releases Report on Pay for Success Funding Model

This is a new and promising model for funding Correctional Ed programming. The report offers evidence to support the benefits of exploring this new model. 

Urban Institute Releases New Report on Pay for Success Projects in the Juvenile and Criminal Justice Systems

OCTAE Assistant Secretary Brenda Dann-Messier Bids Farewell to Department

 Hello Members, this announcement appeared in today's ED Weekly Newsletter. Assistant Secretary Dann-Messier was a tremendous advocate for correctional education during her service and deserves much gratitude.

OCTAE Says Farewell to Assistant Secretary Brenda Dann-Messier

Conference Updates

Hello All,

It feels like I've been traveling all over this month, but it's been worth it!  The LINCS Partner meetings in Austin were absolutely fabulous, resulting in lots of connections to adult educators throughout the LINCS regions that we in corrections need to reach out to, share with and learn from!  More on that to come...

Conference Season -- Upcoming Events

Hello All,

June does seem to mark the beginning of -- dun-da-da-dum! Conference Season!  I wanted to just call your attention to a couple of upcoming events in which I will be participating:  

An "Upworthy" Photography Project

I'm a big fan of  The site does a great job of calling attention to social issues that are sometimes more comfortably swept under the rug.  It has a lot in common with this CoP, as a matter of fact.  We talk about tough but important stuff.  This Upworthy post highlights a photography project described by the artist in the following way:

"We Are All Criminals seeks to challenge society’s perception of what it means to be a criminal and how much weight a record should be given, when truly — we are all criminals. 

Ford and California Wellness Foundations Launch Reentry Initiative

The Ford and California Wellness Foundations co-hosted an amazing program to affirm California's commitment to promoting reentry skills building and job readiness programming.  Lead by the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department and the Attorney General's Office, this initiative is a GREAT first step...

The Myth of Learning Styles?

Peter DeWitt closes his most recent EdWeek Blog by stating, "For many years, educators, including me, were under the false notion that there were learning styles. It's harmful if we box students into one way of learning, because that creates a one-size-fits-all mentality. However, offering different ways of learning is really helpful to students because they need to take in information in a variety of ways."  

New York Times article on Correctional Ed --

Please check out this provocative piece appearing in the New York Times this morning.


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