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Correctional Education

2014 COABE in Philly

Hello All,


Ryan Hall posted this message earlier in the Diversity and Literacy Group and I thought it was definitely worth sharing.  COABE looks absolutely fantastic this year.  Wish I could be there!  If you are...please share your experiences and take-aways...

Here is Ryan's message:

What is Evidence-Based Practice & Why Do I Need to Know about It?


Hello Members.  

I recently came across the Discover Corrections ( website and found a wealth of pretty cool information and resources.  This is some:

"Have you heard the term 'evidence-based practice' or EBP before, but did not know what they were talking about? 

LINCS Technology in the Adult Education Classroom Online Course

Hello Members,

Please take a look at the following announcement. This post originally appeared in the Technology and Learning Group, but with a technology "push" of sorts coming to corrections classrooms I encourage you to take a look. Can you see integrating these strategies into your classrooms? What devices might you use? What other options for integrating technology into correctional classrooms might there be?

Coming Soon to the LINCS Learning Portal --- The LINCS Integrating Technology in the Adult Education Classroom Online Course

Misconceptions About Phonics Instruction -- The English Language is Inconsistent

This is a great blog breaking down the arguments against teaching phonics and helping to alleviate some of the inherent fears in both students and teachers about teaching, and learning, the english language. It's a bit long, but filled with really good information.!

"Once a Thief, Always a Thief?" TEDx Talk on the "Ex-Offender" Label

Hello All,

Below is another great TEDx Talk from TEDxCoventGardens.  Baillie Aaron, an entrepreneur and social innovator from Boston, works in criminal justice reform.  She's put together an interesting and thought-provoking talk here about the power that labels have to limit a person's success.  We've had this conversation before on the group and I'd love to hear thoughts on this continuing theme.

Great Example of Restorative Justice in Action

Hello All,

I just came across this amazing video of a crime victim's account of his experience with Restorative Justice instead of criminal sentencing of the 16 year old who vandalized his business.  You can see the first part of the print article in this link, but the remainder is only available to subscribers.  The 3 minute video, however, gives a powerful accounting.

"Culture Shift" Revealed in Study of Major Reentry Initiative

News from the National Institute of Justice's Journal:

The first phase of an NIJ-funded evaluation finds that re-entry programs are moving toward a rehabilitative philosophy and an acceptance of evidence-based practices.

In the last three decades, the number of inmates released from the nation's prisons each year increased fourfold. Recidivism rates continue to be alarmingly high.

Brian Walsh Article -- Using Technology to Reduce Recidivism of Prisoners

Hello Members -- a continuing Happy New Year to all!  I can't believe I forgot to highlight this outstanding article from Washington State Correctional Educator Brian Walsh.  His essay appeared in The White House blog last month and is absolutely wonderfully done.  I've pasted in the whole below, but the blue "White House" link will also take you to the original post.  Happy reading and please let us know your reactions/responses.

Using technology to reduce recidivism of prisoners

December 5, 2013


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